30 June, 2008

~~ Red - White - Blue Bedrooms

Eastern Accents - Their lovely rep for my area dropped off the new catalogs. I was pleasantly surprised to find bedding that is simpler but still elegant in the catalogs. Annika and Bonaire are great examples and caught my eye. I'm not a fan of red or blue for that matter but I do love these. Carter and Mackinaw are in the red, white and blue theme even though they are a bit 'themey' I still like them! Mackinaw because of the reference to Mackinac Island here in Michigan. ENJOY!





29 June, 2008

~~ Peonies

I also love peonies. I know this is a bridal bouquet but the soft pink blossoms barely open along with the greenery (what is that anyway?) is so pretty!

25 June, 2008

~~ Hollyhocks

I love old-fashioned flowers and hollyhocks are one of those to me. I can see them up against a white picket fence in front of a pretty cottage. Warm sunshine and bees busily buzzing around.

22 June, 2008

~~ Bedrooms! From Desire to Inspire

Desire to Inspire featured this bedroom in a post about creative and unusual chandeliers. I like the wall behind the bed. That may be about it...

Love, love, love the drapes! Love the woven wood shades and the bed.

Yellow and black. The artwork is great and compliments the size of the room. That yellow chair is amazingly cool.

This bedroom is (to me) very relaxed but has a lot of structure. Looks like grass cloth on the walls and I am a huge fan of that. The drapes are creamy and soft. The bed, lord that bed! It's so cool!!

18 June, 2008

~~ Wallpaper Sweet Wallpaper

Orange and black and look at those large patterns!

Soft, elegant and very calming.

Purple and gold, vibrant and bright.

Soft aqua blue and large patterns on the drapes and walls.

Deep rich turquoise and brown.

I love the boldness of bringing together two large patterns. The wallpapers tend to be tone on tone or one color while the fabrics are a bit more complicated. All images are from Harlequin and their Lucido Damask collection.

11 June, 2008

~~ Bathrooms!

Soft, simple and incredibly practical for something that looks this good. I can't tell but the door look like it is either a pocket or a french door?

Grasscloth!!! Yeah! I love the sconces. One has to assume that this is a powder room due to the glamor.

Casual and laid back. I really like the vessel sink on this dresser style with the high back.

Catherine Dolan is a designer in Waco, Texas. From her website I collected these three bathroom photos.

08 June, 2008

~~ Metal Cornices!

Metal Cornices from DeGarrio. DeGarrio is a window treatment hardware company. What do you think about these for cornices and the styles shown?




Fleur de Lys



Giza II

05 June, 2008

~~ Harlequin Wallpaper!

Jackie Blue Home had posted some images from the Harlequin website a while ago and I fell in love with them so I decided to share some more with you all! Beautiful neutrals with up to date patterns.

04 June, 2008

~~ Living Rooms

Love the roman shades in the pretty aqua pattern fabric. The white sofas are in a simple almost contemporary style but traditional enough. Also notice the white drapes on the white walls, perfect. AND that great slipper chair in the foreground is fabulous!

RED! But not overwhelming. The red drapes set off the windows and make the white walls compliment them and tie in with the white sofa with the pretty detailing. Very nice mix of pattern and the use of two colors - red/white.

Soft and traditional. The drapes are lovely and so full but don't command attention. I don't care for the lily on the mantle it's ..... too tall and gangly for my taste. The furniture is on the smaller side in scale and it make the windows soar!