24 November, 2008

~~ Black & White

Not only black & white but grey too! A lovely grey flannel and charcoal color mixed. Talk about cozy. This photo doesn't show much of the bed and you will notice that the remainder of the bedroom is like a sitting room. Very contemporary yet with the traditional touches of the drapes and fabrics.

Light and airy. Love the arched windows with the trim painted black. This room is so nicely balanced. Please notice the white drapes and hardware - they go all around the walls!

23 November, 2008

~~ Ado Booth

Talk about turquoise! I took this photo during a Window Fashions Expo. The booth belonged to a company called Ado. They specialize in drapery/sheer fabrics. I apologize for the photo and it's non-clarity but what I really wanted to show was the color. The pairing of a pure white with a pure turquoise. The roman shade behind the drapes has a lovely long fringe of turquoise as well!

17 November, 2008

~~ Ralph Lauren!

Honestly, can the man do wrong? NOT!

I just love this, everything about it screams class.

13 November, 2008

~~ Pretty Bedroom II

Now, I could do without the hat but the rest is very very lovely. We don't see the 'rest' of the room but I imagine it follows the same suit and may be on the small side. Which is a good thing. One would hope that we will all learn to down-size our lives and homes to a much more manageable level.

11 November, 2008

~~ OOooooo Pretty Fabric!

I just love the bold pattern (Ikat style) and colors!

06 November, 2008

~~ Domino Bedroom

Gray, calm and very luxurious. Eh?

03 November, 2008

~~ Chrysthanemum Chair

Okay, that isn't what it's really called but it's what I'd call it if I could name it. Crate & Barrel's Jardin chair is very very lovely.

I'll take 2! :)

01 November, 2008

~~ Luxury from Williams Sonoma

Luxury indeed! Don't look at the price!

Luxurious mohair covered bed frame and headboard in a pretty dove gray. Giant wingchair? How could you resist? Bedding is done in crewelwork with soft and easy shades of gray, gold, blue and sage.

Will Santa deliver if I say 'pretty please' and bat my eyes?