30 August, 2008

~~ House Beautiful Beige

Dining room by Abby Rizor and Hattie Wolfe - mother and daughter team. Love the window/french doors and the round table which echos the arch doors. I also like the beamed ceilings, very interesting! Gauzy curtains work for me as well. I have a problem with all the beige!

Living room in same home by the above designers. Home is in Florida. Would you have guessed? The only color is in the flowers which were probably staged for the photo session.

Beige, brown and a bit boring if you ask me. This home is in Florida like I mentioned above but there really is no indication of this anywhere. All of these images are from the current House Beautiful magazine. I adore this publication but lately I have noticed that brown and beige are prevalent in the pages of the past few issues.

27 August, 2008

~~ Designers Guild Images

So darned pretty. The olive green is relaxing but not boring. I also love the wood floors. They appear pickled or white washed.

Electric Blue! Now there's a statement. The other fabrics are so pretty and delicate. I love the mix.

Soft and pretty. Look at that bold pattern and how it relates to the delicate side table. Talk about mixing contemporary with antique. Beautifully done. Notice the painted wood floor.

20 August, 2008

~~ I love this bedding!

Photography by Aimee Herring off of Desire to Inspire blog. What great bedding, texture and colors!

18 August, 2008

~~ Because I'm quirky.

I just had to share this photo I stole from "This is Glamorous". Now I don't have a thing for pigs but this is just too sweet. Love how little piggy is so content in the young girls arms.

15 August, 2008

~~ Clients Home

Beautiful home and setting. Her gardens are amazing and what you see in the photo is a fraction.

Great room. Cornices with custom grill work and nailheads in a vinyl to match their leather sectional sofa with stationary drapes in a beautiful paisley fabric.

14 August, 2008

~~ Dining Rooms

Very dark. Not sure I'd want to eat dinner in this room, it doesn't seem inviting. Notice the grasscloth on the walls, dark flooring and they lowered the window shades. The floor bothers me. Looks like wall to wall carpet. A nice glossy hardwood would be much better. The white trim bothers me, too stark. With everything so dark I would have made the trim a putty color. Now I do like the table and chairs very elegant.

White, white, white! But there is some very nice contrast with the dark table, chandelier and curtain rod as well as the small console table against the very pretty wainscoting. Not big on the chairs, a bit too modern. Love the sisal rug and ceiling.

This is from Ralph Lauren. I find no fault with this dining space. It's luxurious, timeless and just plain beautiful. Adore the chairs and the rug. Love the use of the sheer curtains, throws used as table cloth (or so it seems), over the gorgeous chair and the green candles.

13 August, 2008

~~ Pretty Wallpaper!

What a stunning yet cozy bedroom! The wallpaper is amazing I love the green background. And did you notice that bed? Slate blue velvet! Snuggle up in that on a cold winter evening.

Grass cloth! Need I say more? Ok, I'll say more.... love the chair with the wonderful toile fabric in brown and the bedspread, yes a bedspread not a duvet or coverlet, is perfect in chocolate and pattern. Note: I prefer bedspreads to duvets, I like that spreads reach the floow making a bedskirt unnecessary. Oh, and that lamp! How cool is it?

12 August, 2008

~~ Purple Cabinet

Simple purple cabinet tucked into a nice corner. The walls look like a very pale lavender (or that may be wishful thinking on my part). I must have that stool in front of it, don't ask me why but I just must. The added touch of the plant in the most perfect green to compliment the purple cabinet is a stroke of genius!

04 August, 2008

~~ Pink and Chocolate

All three images are from Pottery Barn. I chose them for your viewing pleasure due to a friend asking me about decorating her little girls bedroom in pink and chocolate.

Love the stencil on the wall and that they didn't feel the need to put up a chair rail to divide the wall. Also that the height of the stencil is higher than what would normally be a chair rail.

Isn't that just the cutest? What a great changing station but the giraffes are what make it wonderful.

Now this room is geared not only to the infant girl but to the little girl she will grow into. I love the pattern on the drapes and the throw on the crib.