29 February, 2008

~~ Elegant Roman Shade

I have had this image on my computer for quite some time now and did not reference where I found it so if anyone out there knows please let me know.

This is a hobbled roman shade. I love roman shades and does most of the designer/decorating world these days. What makes it 'hobbled' is that when lowered down it does not go flat. There are gentle folds in the construction. This makes it fuller and in this bathroom very elegant.

The fabric chosen is wonderful too and I really like the very narrow window. I yearn to design window treatments for tall narrow windows.....

27 February, 2008

~~ Window Treatment

This is a window treatment I designed for a client's dining room. The dining room is on the small side and the walls are a lipstick red. Their home is new and decorated with an overall Tuscany feel. They had visited Tuscany and fell in love with the light and warmth then came home and built a home to reflect that.

Choosing the red was a task due to the super red walls. The swags have a gold cord on the bottom and the jabot/cascades have gold cord on the inside. The fabric has a gold pattern in it. We chose gold due to their lovely chandelier that has a mottled gold look. The accent pieces are of the same mottled gold as well.

23 February, 2008

~~ Marimekko Fabrics

I recently visited the Marimekko website and browsed their fabrics for Spring. I enjoyed the fresh look as well as the simplicity that Marimekko offers. There were many fabrics that caught my eye but these stood out to me. The third one down is reminiscent of the broad leaf you used to see in the tropical style, reminds me of older Miami style. The last one looks so cool!!!

Tuula Kaakinen

Nora Fleming

Pia Holm

Erja Hirvi

Fujiwo Ishimoto

Whatcha all think? Like or no.

18 February, 2008

~~ Lust Over Wallpaper (a continuation)

The following images are all from Candice Olson Wallpapers. I enjoy her program on HGTV (one of the few that I do like) due to the realistic view she offers when it comes to interior design. She also impresses me in how she completely re-works the spaces.

I also have to admit to my dislike of wallpaper borders. They tend to be too themey and outdated. Anyone else have this phobia? :)

Vertical Tree - Aside from the wallpaper color and pattern this room is very cool!

Velvet Leaf Trail - So elegant and I love the lower panel look in the wainscoting.

Iron Work - Cool and simple.

Traditional Damask - Talk about elegant, holy cow!

Leather Square - For you zebra pattern lovers :)

11 February, 2008

~~ My Lust Over Wallpaper

Have I mentioned that I lust over wallpaper? Second only to fabric and trim. I enjoy the unexpected colors some of the wallpapers have. Fresh, fun, a bit over the top but still within the comfort level to live with. What do you think?

Candice Olson - Woodblock Damask

Aviva Stanoff - Organic Lace

Ronald Redding - Damask

Ronald Redding - Medallion Spot

Ronald Redding - Tapestry Jacobean

Candice Olson - Dotted Paisley

08 February, 2008

~~ Viva Terra

A wonderful client of mine gave me a couple of catalogs from a company called Viva Terra. They tout their products as 'eco giving style'.

Bamboo and Reclaimed Teak Ducks
Aren't they just too cute?

Gustavian Vintage Bed
Beautiful bed that lets the wood take center stage.

Peroba Stool
I really really want this step stool!

Tulip Stool
Beautiful and graceful.

Pussy Willow Wreath
My wonderful Aunt Carolyn made me a pussy willow wreath however this one you may purchase!

05 February, 2008

~~ Floor Lamps

For some reason floor lamps are the least accepted form of lighting in the lighting world. Either you like them or you just can't accept them. I used to be ambivalent about them. Not really taking their necessary role in interior lighting seriously because I prefer table lamps. However, floor lamps are quite versatile. Much more so than I would have thought. Take a look at a few here from Lamps Plus.

Black Spindle Floor Lamp
With this shape and nifty shade that is banded in black this floor lamp can hold it's own with just about any style of furnishings.

Kitchler Adjustible Arm Floor Lamp
I'll just bet that this puppy will blend, fade and work perfectly for any special task lighting you want. It's reserved and a bit old-fashioned and retains respectability.

Kobe Natural Wood Floor Lamp
I find this stunning. Great for a more modern loft (ok what loft isn't modern?) but it has an appeal to me because of the curve of the arm and the circular bands on the shade and at the top of the base.

Malcolm Floor Lamp
Look at the glass table and the base! How cool is that! Practical too. The shade is nicely pleated but I don't get 'fussy' out of it I get a more relaxed feeling with the pleats.

Uttermost Nala Floor Lamp
Great contemporary lamp. I like the rectangle shade and the two drop pull cords. They look like great dangle drop earrings. Meant to show and be useful as well. I really hate it when you are attempting to turn on a lamp and can't find the switch, cord or twisty turn knob. Small pet peeve of mine.

01 February, 2008

~~ Pendant Lighting

Perusing Lamps Plus I wandered into the Pendant Lighting section and found these!

Cabana Joe Bamboo -
I'm still a fan of the retro and have lots of 50s-60s furniture.

Parisian Crystal -
I'm envisioning a soft elegant light coming from this fixture.

Urban Weave -
I just liked the pattern and the finish of this pendant.

Tahoe Mission -
I like the unusual way this is held up and the way the dome is shaped.