29 March, 2009

~~ Prom Dresses 2 (Faviana)

Lovely and fresh. I'm feeling the 60s vibe. How about you? I feel so inspired by looking at these prom dresses. I can envision window treatments from each of these. Don't go running scared because I'm not necessarily envisioning the patterned fabric but the style and flow and detailing translate for me.

Definitely 60s vibe! So colorful and fun.

More of a deep turquoise and with the shimmery vertical lines I see water.

Love the color combination. Bronze and this shimmery medium blue.

Again psychedelic colors and motif. Thank You! Evening wear brightened up.

28 March, 2009

~~ Prom Dresses (Flirt)

My son's girlfriend has been wanting the above dress for prom so we went looking for it today. No luck, apparently it is quite popular and no one has it. Except for one store in Michigan.

This one is very sparkly! I actually like it and I'm not into that much sparkle!

She tried on this dress and it was very lovely. The full skirt with the fitted bodice and all the intricate stones (you can't really see them but they are there) were in an almost lavender color. Next to the black and green it was very very pretty!

I have to say the prom dresses are much more sophisticated these days then when I was a teenager! I love the full skirts with all the tulle so romantic!

22 March, 2009

~~ Designer Tobi Fairley

Lovely designer with a fresh but restrained hand. Tobi Fairley Interior Design Look at these beautiful drapes. Horizontal stripe in a chocolate, cream and misty blue with a lovely tassel trim on the leading edge. Perfect!

I also love the white tulips!

21 March, 2009

~~ New Jute Area Rug!

My living room with the new jute area rug! It's kinda messy, sorry. But I am so excited about the wonderful area rug and the great deal I got on it at Overstock.com. It's perfect!

This is Frank. He's a hound/mix we adopted from the shelter as a puppy. We have an Irish Setter (who is a bit neurotic) we also adopted him from a shelter. He is absent due to being parked under the desk.

20 March, 2009

~~ Hooked on Marble!

Sarah Richardson Kitchen. Marble black splash and countertops all in a white kitchen.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Love the arches and detailing the photo makes marble look so graceful. Especially when I and many others associate marble as a rigid material.

Kitchen by Ghislain Vinas. Look at the bold veining and it's used so creatively!

Iran Shiraz - Masied-e Vakil. So majestic and pretty.

And of course the 'original' marble. Every kid loves marbles!

19 March, 2009

~~ Beautiful Bathroom

This bathroom I lifted from the wonderful blog Desire to Inspire (which they do quite often, thank you very much). It is by the interior designer Alessandra Branca. Marble flooring with a simple pattern that only adds to the attraction of the room. Lovely vanity (at first I didn't notice the the mirrored doors) but once I figured that out - well let's just say I decided that it was more than just merely spectacular). It appears that the small squares in the floor are the same color as the vanity top.

Lovely and I mean ever so lovely roman shades in the windows. They are based on a balloon or Austrian shade. A job very well done if you ask me.

Also enjoy the lighting and finally noticed the small television to the right. Very hip and to many quite practical.

16 March, 2009

~~ Black and White

From Desire to Inspire. Black and white rooms. Some slick some relaxing some with a mixture of glossy new and vintage old.

14 March, 2009

~~ Turquoise on 1st Dibs

Yves St. Laurent necklace (faux turquoise btw) from 1st Dibs. I likey very very much!

Also from 1st Dibs a garden seat. Chinese. Love the variation of the turquoise color so imperfect. And I'm all about the imperfect, you would be too if you lived in my household!

13 March, 2009

~~ Country Home Living Room - COZY!

Love all the patterns! I especially love the rug. So much going on but it is comfortable and cozy.

10 March, 2009

~~ Antique Door Stops

I need two of these. Master bedroom and master bath are in serious need of door stops. For whatever reason these doors like to close partway on their own. Right now? I'm using shoes. Not all that attractive.

Country Home's last issue has an article about these lovely vintage door stops.