30 April, 2009

~~ Dreamy Bedrooms

Designed by Darrell Schmitt this bedroom is very casually elegant. Casualness comes from the bed curtains not a true tab top but more like a night gown tie connecting them to the bed frame. Fabrics also lean towards a casual feel. However, the other elements in the room we see appear more elegant and formal - bedside table, mirror which most likely is over a dresser that matches the bedside table. Also I like the use of a table instead of a night stand. Typical night stands are too small in my opinion to hold all I that like by my bed. And the walls - could be wallpaper, decorative painting or a Venetian plaster. Whichever one it's very seductive!

Designed by Kathryn Waltzer. Light and airy and just a bit over the top. Look how the bed curtains flow and drape onto the floor. Lots of sheers is the only way to get this right and Ms. Waltzer did it right! Also notice the drapes at the window, great color - love the spring green in a very neutral cream room and love that she also draped the floor with them. If she had made the drapes any other way it just wouldn't have worked.

Which do you like/love?

28 April, 2009

~~ Soft Warm Breezes!

Yes, I live in northern Michigan. We don't get to experience decent weather until about mid-May so I'm dreaming. Want to dream with me?

Look at those sheer curtains softly billowing in the breeze. And notice the windows with the pattern on them! From what I can gather it probably is an adhesive stuck to the windows to give the ornate grill effect.

Notice Mr. Bogart!

25 April, 2009

~~ Wallpaper !!

Going through some computer folders this morning (it's amazing what you find that you've forgotten all about) I ran across this sample of wallpaper. Unfortunately I cannot/did not label a source. Taking a closer look I love the creamy background and the simple lines that appear almost stencil like. Graceful but definitely not over the top!

22 April, 2009

~~ Alessandra Branca!

Pretty in cream and red!

Ok people, look at this gorgeous room and when you're done taking it all in take a closer look at the window treatments. Same room same fabrics but done in two different styles. Simple cream fabric with just the right touch of red trim. The window to the left is done in what I would call an 'Italian Stringing' method. Notice how the sides are gathered back but there is not visible hardware holding them back. A string is threaded through the fabric then pulled tight to gather the sides back.

The window on the right is simply fantastic! Look at how casual and almost carefree those swags are. The sides are jabot style versus a cascade and are just as carefree as the swags. Fabric is nice and full and properly lined to not just make a statement (however minor in the room) but to compliment. The scale and proportions are perfect from what I can see. Also love the woven wood shades underneath - so classic.

19 April, 2009

~~ Trikeenan Tile

Not for your ordinary bathroom! So earthy and modern. As much as I love subway tile I can really appreciate the slender horizontal tiles in this room. Completely unexpected. Love the variations in tone and even have no problem with the grout being a bit light. Notice the lovely sink out of what appears to be concrete!

11 April, 2009

~~ Contemporary Bathroom

Wow! 1st is the fabulous tile background on the wall, so unique! 2nd the silver sink bowl. 3rd the counter top (looks like concrete) and the cabinet itself! Love the hardware and all the storage. The wood is fantastic too!

07 April, 2009

~~ Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades

Don't cha just love the texture these shades bring? They filter sunlight during the day and look pretty doing it.

Nice organic look to a very contemporary space. Brings in warmth and a comfortable feel.

Very neutral with the look of bamboo to give a natural feel as well. Love the lined drapes (very important to line your drapes, they flow and look 100% better than unlined) touching or slouching on the floor.

04 April, 2009

~~ After The Sunset

I enjoyed this movie for many reasons. 1st being Pierce Brosnan but 2nd would be the interior shots of the way too cool abode he and Salma lived in on the Bahamas. Not too islandy or cheesy islandy but very relaxed and sophisticated. Unfortunately this is the only still photo I found of the interior but it does give you an idea of the rest of the house.

01 April, 2009

~~ Brimar Trim

Some pretty Brimar Trimmings. Love the colors and the idea of using these on draperies and window treatments. Trimmings add that custom look to make window treatments just that CUSTOM!