30 April, 2008

~~ Seaside

In the April issue of Architectural Digest there is a spread on a newly built vacation home in Seaside. I have to admit to skimming through it quickly and not being particularly interested at the first skim. The cover of this issue of AD featured a porch of this home and where it was nice I didn't see anything of great interest either.

THEN.... I took a closer look.

This the entry with a view into a guest room. I fell in love with the painted horizontal paneling and painted woodwork. I love painted wood.

This is the master bedroom. Again all painted paneling on the walls and ceilings and the lovely drapes to soften.

One of three porches, this is off the master bedroom at the very top of this 3 story structure. It looks so precariously balanced on the Ionic column... But the view!

One of the daughters bedrooms. I adore the built in bed and all the painted wood paneling and attention to the trim.

This photo was small and at first I didn't really notice how great this room is. Look at the ceiling and the lovely built in shelving.... oh my.

This kitchen is so relaxed and perfect for a vacation home. To say that I am green with envy is an understatement!

28 April, 2008

~~ What is it about this hairstyle that I like so much!

I love this but am not sure I could pull it off. Any thoughts?

24 April, 2008

~~ Chocolate Bedroom

For you chocolate lovers!

There is so much that I enjoy seeing in this bedroom. The simple color scheme but with lots of great contrast. The detail on the bedding the bedframe itself the elegant slipper chair with a great pattern the simple area rug and the practical night stands. The lamps are organic and give the room shape vs straight lines. I also love how they have the bed made not symetrical with only one euro pillow sham on the bed. I don't remember where this photo came from so anyone with that info please let me know.

22 April, 2008

~~ Artwork - Yes, More!

I'm not a fan of pink however this pink paired with a milk chocolate taupey color appeals to me. That and the wonderful lines of the dress. I also love the hair, rushed! Artwork by Ashley David

Such pretty movement in this artwork. Artwork by Jennifer Wiley

And whereas I am not a die hard fan of Marilyn I do love this photo of her. Natural seemingly un posed and I love the window she is leaning out of. Photo by Sam Shaw

I was getting my hair done (color, you know to cover those gray hairs that seem to think they are necessary) and talking with Mark, my fabulous hair stylist. You see a few years back when he moved his salon to a new location I managed a Deck The Walls custom framing store and helped him with artwork for his walls. Mark has incredible taste and the images he picked out reflect that and to this day he still gets comments on the artwork.... anyway. We were talking about that and I was inspired to visit artwork.com again :)

16 April, 2008

~~ Pretty Dining Rooms

Appears more traditional and elegant I love everything with the possible exception of the table. It seems to be too thin.

Very cool and serene. I can't find anything about this room that I don't like other than perhaps some sort of window treatment on the french doors.

This dining room sparked quite a debate with some friends. Many disliked the chairs due to style and color of the fabric. I poo-pooed them because I think they are fabulous. Beautiful aqua color too!

This dining room is so casual and elegant at the same time. One could certainly feel at home here eating a hearty breakfast or an elegant dinner. The more I look at the photo the more I like it due to the ceiling. I love the beamed ceiling nice and rustic but not overdone.

15 April, 2008

~~ Aqua-Turquoisey Lucy!

The colors in the ad made my day when I saw them! I love Lucy (wannabe)'s outfit. I want it! I would love however to see her shoes I am sure they are to die for. I can see the fabric of her skirt used as drapes in the room. Yes, this is an ad for Armstrong flooring and the windows had drapes and sheers but to me they were uninspiring. Thus the need to re-do them. :)

Oh, and I want her brooch as well!

10 April, 2008

~~ Agave Print

I love the colors in this print by Jillian David. Succulents are so interesting to me and I may have to purchase some this spring (we are late to actually have spring here in northern Michigan) I also noticed and admired in Sas's blog Daily Inspiration a photograph she took and posted with similar colors.

This print was located at allposters.com.

08 April, 2008

~~ More and More Artwork!

Again I found these on Allposters.com. I'm particularly fascinated with the one with the giraffe, he look so relaxed and nonchalant!! It was the peacock and butterflies that made me notice them in the catalog. The women are exotic and sensual.

07 April, 2008

~~ Artwork :)

I find these four framed pieces incredibly irresistible! They appear almost like wallpaper prints to me and that makes me want to dive into wallpaper books for images similar to them.

Personally I can see these four above my non existent front entry table. Oh, wait I don't have a place in the front entry for a table just a stand. Huh, well I suppose they will just have to go in the hallway!

02 April, 2008

~~ Pont Aven -Artwork

Found this in the March 2008 Art World News. This scene could easily have been from our area - northern Michigan. I love the dreamy colors and the simple white house with it's stone wall.

The image is 30 x 40 and is an enhanced giclee on canvas. For more information: www.fortunefa.com