28 January, 2008

~~ Victoria Hagan

I may be late in posting/talking about Victoria Hagan's line at Target but I am soooo happy to see this. I love Target and I adore Victoria Hagan. Below are three items I selected that stood out to me from her products at Target online.

24 January, 2008

~~ Pretty Roman Shade & Kitchen

Found this on the Tom Scheerer website. His rooms are fabulous. I love the sheer roman shade and print fabric. Something else in the room you don't see much of any more is the bent wood chair.

Lovely graphic wallpaper also from Tom Scheerer website. In a kitchen no less! What a great idea. I also noticed his use of a white washed wood. Barely white washed, enough to show the rough wood grain.

23 January, 2008

~~ Specialist WfCP

I forgot!

Last week I was notified that I am now officially a Specialist within the Window Fashions Certified Professional Program :) Yeah Me!

Completing the required credits and the exam were pretty easy in a sense. However.... completing the assigned project for this level was difficult. I can and did solve the problems for the make believe homeowner and her windows in the family room. Taking care of sun glare when watching television. Following her desires, her being Mrs. Hanson, for something transitional etc. I can pick colors, fabrics, furniture and furnishings and play with drawings all day long yet when it comes right down to it I always look for and get client feedback. There was absolutely no actual client feedback. I was paralyzed for a while trying to make a final decision. That final decision to be put down on display boards.

I hemmed and hawed - second guessed myself until I just had to put the damn thing away for a while. Finally I mustered up the guts to finalize it and mail it out. What a relief. Gone and Done.

Thankfully all my long hours of worry and self-pestering paid off and I was informed that I passed! Now, onto the Master Level..... *sigh*

22 January, 2008

~~ Turquoise Bangles

Since Jackie Blue started the bangle idea I have to share my current favorites.

Sedona Indian Jewelry is where I found these. I am starting to collect turquoise jewelry and covet a cuff. I love that turquoise comes in all ranges of aqua blue to greenish blue. My preference leans towards the more greenish/brown turquoise since I'm not particularly a 'blue' color fan.

I must find out what that purple stone is in the photo above! Anyone?

21 January, 2008

~~Lovely Bedroom 2

Forgive me for not knowing where I found this photo. From now on I will log where I locate photos to give proper credit.

I really like this room. The framed artwork above the bed is marvelous. I really like how the three pieces balance and encompasses not only the bed but the nightstands. It is very neutral and I would probably spice it up a bit by adding a bit of color on the bed and drapes. The drapes also go up to the ceiling which gives the illusion of height in what looks like a typical 8' ceiling. I wish there were other photos of the room I would love to see the opposite wall.

19 January, 2008

~~ Lovely Bedrooms

Since I started my blog with a photo of a bedroom how's about we continue on that idea?

This photo is from Catherine Dolen & Associates. Some may view the use of chocolate and blue as overdone but for me it still seems fresh. Chocolate is such a nice alternative to black. I also love the grasscloth that to me is very classic!

18 January, 2008

~~ The Introduction !

Welcome to my first post or blog or entry.... I get a bit confused with the terminology so bear with me during my green days. My name is Narda and my business is called Cemaya Windows & Interiors. Once I realized that my love of interiors and interior design developed early on by rearranging my bedroom at age 9 or so; at age 40 I learned to accept it and create a business that made me happy. The main focus of Cemaya Windows & Interiors is windows. I love designing window treatments that are perfect for my clients, their homes and their needs.

The intent of this is to release all my creative energies by showing beautiful photos of interiors and other items that inspire or make me say ahhhh.

So for my first photo I give you a beautiful bedroom. I particularly love the drapes (duh! like that's a surprise) but I also like the horizontal mirror with the ornate frame. The bedding looks very comfortable and whey I say comfortable I mean you would be comfortable sitting on it and not worrying. Quite elegant!