23 May, 2009

~~ Pretty Gem!

Another from Tobi Fairley. Isn't this just so pretty? She's tempered neutral camel and gray with vibrant turquoise and a red that borders the coral family. I would wonder if the inspiration came from the darling painting of children playing on the beach.

The fabric chosen for the drapes is so lively and fun it just draws you for a closer look.

21 May, 2009

~~ Tobi Fairley

Love the semi-restrained look. Chair, table and lamp are very traditional. Drapes are too however with that intense stripe in the calming colors it really livens things up!

18 May, 2009

~~ Ava - Suzanne Price

Very traditional and open and light. Queen Anne china cabinet is very nice and the proportion of it works very well in the room. I like that she mixed the dark wood on the cabinet, stools and end tables with the metal coffee table and the white picture frames. I also like the mix of the different table lamps. Thank you for not matching them! The colors are so soft. Love the cream walls with the cream sheers on the nice hardware which isn't outlandish just perfect!

14 May, 2009

~~ Ava - Susan Corry

Talk about a white kitchen! I so want this. Marble countertops and super cool marble back splash that is truly a back splash. I dislike the little 4" up the wall that people consider back splashes. Do it properly and go up to the cabinets! But they went above and beyond and tiled the marble squares all all all the way way way UP! Also notice the hardware! And the lovely cake and flowers...

13 May, 2009

~~ Window Treatment

Whether or not you like the color, pattern of fabrics look at what this is - look at the style of the treatment. Cornice, padded with beaded trim. Then notice the pretty sheer fabric slightly gathers in what appears to be an Italian String method. Gives an added fullness to the sheer fabric much more so than if it were shirred under the cornice on a rod. The combination of a flat cornice with the soft skirting of the sheer fabric is very nice.

10 May, 2009

~~ Meet Frank, Reagan (Big Red Dog) and our Backyard!

Frank, our shelter pup. Mostly hound with lab and something else.

Reagan (aka The Big Red Dog), also a shelter dog. He's an Irish Setter and neurotic as hell.

Now the Backyard. AKA The Backyard from Hell. Yes, hell. In 4 weeks we are hosting my son's high school graduation open house. For you non northerners it's a party. :) We have embarked on removing the Hell and hoping to establish our version of Heaven. You're thinking - Good Luck - aren't you? Yeah, well we're gonna need it.

Pavers, large rocks and crushed stone are going in to hopefully transform The Backyard from Hell into something not looking like hell.

Wish us luck because we are gonna need lots! Oh, you're wondering why I introduced you to our dogs? Well, we blame them for The Backyard from Hell.

06 May, 2009

~~ Stroheim and Romann Again!

I really love this living room. The sofa has me swooning, truly! Design and fabric are perfect. Love, love, love the fireplace wall. I know! I'm so Brady Bunch. The ottoman in the slate blue is a great practical piece. Love the over scale lamp and shade and the simple roman shade on that great large window. My only complaint would be the two chairs. Where they are nice to look at and I do love the style I want chairs that are more comfortable looking as well. Something more like the sofa. And of course we have the hardwood floors with the mini shag rug. I'm in heaven!

04 May, 2009

~~ Another Gem!

Light and airy but definitely elegant. Love the color and sheen. The creamy flowers winding their way up the walls with the background brick/tile look give on the impression of a conservatory.

02 May, 2009

~~ Stroheim and Romann Wallpaper & Fabric

Pretty, soft and very feminine! Wallpaper is a damask pattern with a subtle stripe look. Drapes are also damask pattern with a lovely full leading edge trim.