29 July, 2008

~~ Clocks by Uttermost







Ok, I have to admit I'm not that much into clocks. The only clock we have on the main floor in our home is on the kitchen stove. I have never owned a clock other than my bedside clock/radio. Not very chic if I may say.

However, if I were to purchase a clock I would have to admit to wanting something round and very similar to those above. I like them all and would definitely have a difficult time choosing!

27 July, 2008

~~ House Beautiful Images

Thank you House Beautiful for making your beautiful images available!

Don'tcha just want to sit....

We've all seen barn door wannabes but for some reason this one is very very appealing to me. I also enjoy the slate floor, pure white paint on the wood and black hardware.

Rustic Kitchen. Wow. I like - but for some reason the heavy black pendant lights and those great stools together well they steal the show a little too much.

This is adorable!

22 July, 2008

18 July, 2008

~~ Pottery Barn Catalog

In the last catalog PB went colorful. In this catalog I found more subdued colors kinda like the typical PB we are used to. What I found interesting are the rooms themselves. Rustic looking with exposed natural beams and wood ceilings. I also really like the exposed wood beam over the windows.

I however, dislike the drapes PB uses. Skimpy and wimpy. No substance and on teeny tiny rods.

This room has an exposed brick wall. Brick walls are the absolute coolest in my opinion.

Probably the most colorful bedding PB shows in the catalog however I chose this photo due to the exposed beams. Just love the rustic look.

Same here in this photo but what I also think is cool is the zig-zag rug.

17 July, 2008

~~ Quiet Bedrooms

Let me start off by saying how much I love the window treatments. The fabric used is right up my alley. Bold yet subdued. The drapes - they are pinned low so they stand out from the rings on the rod. I have always admired this look. The shade over the small window displays the fabric beautifully. Touches of red stop this from being boring.

Another Quiet Bedroom.... with the barest touches of red. I really like the artwork in the white frames against the white walls. The doors are a stroke of genius.

15 July, 2008

~~ I love this look.

Sheer over roman shade.

Striped gauzy sheer over a roman shade.

10 July, 2008

~~ Pretty Window Treatment

I love this window treatment. You've got a striped roman shade which looks to be made out of a sheer fabric probably lined then again maybe not. Then pretty sheers hung over it. Sheers are crossed over and tied back. I like the top of the sheers. Grommets were used and hooks - very simple.

The effect is gauzy. I could see something like this in a west window or even south facing window. Where sunshine streams in and this treatment creates softness and filters all that harsh light without blocking it.

My impression from the photo is that it is in a dining room and that there probably is another window on that same wall with the same type of treatment.

08 July, 2008

~~ Beautiful Cornice

This cornice is for a client. The woven wood shade in that lovely chocolate color is lined to help with sun glare when cleaning up the kitchen. The fabric on the cornice matches drapes on a slider to the right and the cornice duplicated another just like it in the dining area.