29 July, 2009

~~ Little Gem!

This is a tiny guest bathroom, to the right is the tile for the shower, lovely tile so rustic looking and with a pearlized finish. The walls are newly wallpapered in a commercial grade vinyl with a subtle texture and finish. The window treatment: A small swag held up by tab posts. Fabric used is a woven texture. When you look at it up close you see all the shades and colors, very pretty but not delicate. Love the trim by Stout Trimmings, lovely bead work with the tape showing due to it's beautiful pattern.

The design for this treatment is asymmetrical. Something I don't often get to do when it comes to window treatments. So this was a treat for me. Due to window placement we felt confident of using this style. Notice that one of the tab posts is on the window trim and the other is on the wall.

24 July, 2009

~~ Roman Shade Window Treatment

This fabulous fabric almost a batik style print matched the blue tile in this master bedroom perfectly. The treatment is stationery. We added a gros grain ribbon to relieve the print and designate 2 windows.

New wallpaper in a faux grass cloth weave style (which just simply did not photograph well) replaced a very lively ivy and floral pattern. Trim was all painted a soft gray throughout the bathroom, covering the oak which really updated the look in the room.

19 July, 2009

~~ Michael Smith

Now there looks to be a comfortable chair. Love the linen slip cover and the casual feel it offers. The throw pillow is beautiful as are the pretty floral drapes. Gives an English cottage appeal. The vase for the forsythia is amazing just like the forsythia! I do love those spindly yellow blossoms.

Now for the 'what I don't care for'. That side table. Not sure I get it. It's got a 3 leaf clover thing happening in a granite look? Anyway, I'd prefer a small wooden chest of drawers that would be a bit time worn. Or? Or a more modern table chrome and glass to give the cottage feel some edge.

16 July, 2009

~~ Beautiful and Bold

OMGoodness! Just love the drapes and the bold striped but what really needs your attention is the designers detail for the hemline. Taking the same fabric and turning the stripes horizontal. Stroke of genius with the lovely tall slender windows.

As for the furnishings, eh. Kinda bland for me. Sofa is in a nice style and color I suppose but the room has a very unfinished look and feel. Hate the green carpet. Please put in a hardwood floor, you can choose the type of wood just do it!

13 July, 2009

~~ JMH's Last Bedroom

This is the photo that caught my eye when I first visited his website. I love the room. Plenty of windows in a dark trim and the furniture is dark as well. The rug is beautiful as is the bed. Not too thrilled with the settee, not sure it it's the fabric color choice or the style...

However, what caught my eye is the window treatments. The windows are gently arched on a much wider scale than you typically see, more horizontal. And what I especially love is how the treatments don't overpower the windows/room they truly balance. Drapes are full and I'm pretty sure pull across the windows for privacy. I took a second look at the corner and how the valance treatment was handled - Very Nicely!

Oh! And the night stands don't match, woo hoo! :)

10 July, 2009

~~ CUTE!

Isn't this adorable?

09 July, 2009

~~ I know, I know but... JMH yet again!

So soft and pretty not to mention incredibly restful. Love the little chair with the intricate back with the small writing desk/nightstand.

Quite Colonial in style. Very homey and comfortable. Not sure about the nightstands... different yes but they feel too small next to the bed and in a room with such high ceilings. Lamps are cool and the rug looks wonderfully well worn. And of course I love the window treatments, perfect for the room in proportion and style. Perfect!

OMG can we say turquoise? What a bold statement for one color. And? What makes the room grounded? The pieces on the wall above the headboard. They act as a stabilizer, I have no idea what they are but enjoy them for their role in the room. Also? Love love the bold, bold fabric on the chair and decorative pillows on the bed. Perfect!!!

03 July, 2009

~~ James Michael Howard - Bedrooms

Soft and pretty. Just adore the chair and the fact it's in it's very own special fabric, not gray or the light blue. Notice the use of soft pastel colors with the exception in this room of the pillows on the bed and the throw. Drapes and beautifully graceful and are a bit more traditional in style which differs from the much more modern looking bed.

01 July, 2009

~~ James Michael Howard - Bedrooms

James Michael Howard creates very elegant, restrained and calming bedrooms. I will be featuring more bedrooms by him in the next few days but I wanted to start with these two. JMH uses a very calm and subdued color palate and typically only 2 colors.

Feminine palate and very pretty. Soft and calm nothing jarring or out of place. Love the floors and wall color, the bed is fantastic as well. I question the need for all the chairs and sofa at the end of the bed but I suppose if you are like me any chair or bench fills up with either clothing or pillows.

Now the photo above - I have to ask, why the need for all the seating? Or maybe I don't want to know? Love the styling especially the rows of framed art, it's just... nice. I like nice. I enjoy the colors and fabric choices I am having a hard time though with the sofa. Doesn't it look a bit large for the room? I mean shouldn't the bed be the focal point? Also love the bed against the wall of windows, wish more people would feel the need to do this.