29 September, 2009

~~ Undeniably Beautiful

So Pretty, So Romantic. How can you not love this? It may not be your 'style' but appreciation of these fabrics and draperies is a must!

Love the lavender/pink and the striking green. Feminine and Versailles like!

All from Designers Guild.

22 September, 2009

~~ Designers Guild Bedding!

Leblond - I'm not a 'blue' loving person however, I will admit a weakness for this particular bedding. Love how it's almost traditional and almost contemporary. Hmmm isn't that transitional? :)

Darly - Isn't this just so old fashioned? I remember older homes with wallpaper so very similar to the pattern you see here. Love the colors too. Charcoal, pink and chartreuse.

10 September, 2009

~~ Just take a Look.

Lots going on here but notice the window treatment. A lovely drape in what is probably a linen fabric with a nice drape on the floor and the leading edges are in a crisp stripe on an angle, this ties very nicely with the carpet/area rug (can't tell which here). Then notice the fabric next to the window. Looks like a pretty sheer roller shade but could also be sheer fabric pulled straight and not shirred on a rod. Whatever it is I really like this look. Combines structure and a bit of tailored effort with softness.

Isn't this amazingly sweet? Despite the slightly cobbled look it has reason. There is a purpose here. Perhaps a little too many collectible items but that is personal preference in a home. I love the crazy quilt over the sofa and the throw over the chair one is not afraid to sit down and curl up. See the pretty kitty? She/he has the right idea.

04 September, 2009

~~ Please, please be mine!

Don't you just love this chair? *sigh*

The lines, size are just two things I adore but look at the upholstery and fabric used. Absolutely stunning! From Desire to Inspire - Jennifer Worts.

01 September, 2009

~~ Black & White!

Desire to Inspire posted this and other pictures by photographer Simon Brown. I had to steal this one! Love the serene white and I mean look at all those whites! Then to make it dramatic the black and white wallpaper on that lovely abstract floral. The ceiling light fixture may not be your cuppa tea but it is bold for something so ethereal looking.