31 October, 2008

~~ Not a Pumpkin but....

Some pretty flowers in a great setting with a pumpkin pie in the background.

27 October, 2008

~~ BHG Kitchen

I really really love this kitchen. The floors are unique and the cabinets are perfect. The windows go to the countertop which is a favorite of mine. I don't care for the yellow walls but it's just paint, right? :)

18 October, 2008

~~ HB Kitchen of the Month

House Beautifuls Kitchen of the Month! I love this! It's along the line of country French but does not go overboard. It's pretty, has plenty of great detail but isn't overwhelming French.

The kitchen stools covered in the Ikat style fabric are great!


The toile fabric for the drapes is beautiful and I enjoy the red very much. The dining area chairs are lovely as is the sideboard and built ins.

The toile fabric for the drapes.

The Ikat style fabric on the chairs.

16 October, 2008

~~ Pathways

Pathways to somewhere pleasant! Enjoy.

11 October, 2008

~~ 10 Red Doors with a Yellow one thrown in!

I went searching for front doors then decided to look for just red front doors. Then I happened upon the beautiful yellow door and couldn't resist. ENJOY!

10 October, 2008

~~ Contest!

The wonderful people from dreamDraper (the software I use to render drawings) held a contest centered around the use of their product. The drawing below won 1st place!

My clients and I went through several drawings before settling on the one below. Everything is custom from the cornices which are vinyl covered with nail heads to mimic their sofa to the grills which mimic the design on their front door.

05 October, 2008

~~ Images from Target

I confess to loving Target. I know where stuff is in the store and well.... the store just smells good - as in clean. Anyway a small catalog came unearthed in my household (we have small children and they tend to find all sorts of stuff that may have been 'lost'!

I first noticed the wall in this photo. A bright color behind wooden planks with an inch or so between the to show off the color. What a great idea. I also like that the cool blue was paired with warm wood.

This photo is using the same idea only instead of being linear it's more organic with circles. Here the pairing is warm-warm. Looks like a very dark brown behind the log ends making the photo very warm and cozy.