25 August, 2009

~~ Powder Room

This small powder room needed an elegant treatment for the window. Let me say that I really dislike bathrooms without windows, just doesn't seem right.

Anyway... the window was fairly large for the room and faced the driveway. We put up a grasscloth weave woven shade in a black/dark cocoa color. The trim is stained a reddish color and is the same throughout the home. We mounted two tab brackets for the swag to rest on. The fabric is a shimmery gold with a slight small pattern noticeable in the weave.

We lined the gold fabric with a black knowing that the back would show some. Having an expert installer guarantees beautiful results. It takes time to position the fabric and create the swag effect.

And having an expert workroom is just as important for I often 'overthink' and she brings me back to earth!

18 August, 2009

~~ Picture in Banner

You will notice the photo embedded in the banner at the top of my blog. Had a teenager do that, since I'm technology impaired. Yes, it's true but I'm ok with it since I've got teenagers to do that stuff for me!

Back to the photo... I love this treatment style, roman shade. Fabric is a very pretty iridescent pleated pumpkin color but not too orange. We chose it since it worked so well with the fabric on a sofa that was in the room. This is actually an office with two windows. The sofa has a floral pattern and is in front of the windows. The braided trim and tassel are a basic gold but really lend to the fabric and it's shimmer. Putting the simple valance over the trim not only topped it off nicely but made it a bit more important over all. This particular room has no real trim detailing and is relatively small.

We repeated this basic style for roman shades in two other rooms in the home. However, the valance detail and trim was modified a bit.

And? I just love the color!

14 August, 2009

~~ Oh, Oh, Oh!

Love the boldness. And adore the horizontal stripes in the drapes.

Pretty wallpaper in the nicely frames niche. I love that the designer matched the paint to the wallpaper background. Pretty nightstand too!

Oh and be still my heart look at the gorgeous shades with that outline in red trim!

Lori Graham!
Another great find by Desire to Inspire.

07 August, 2009

~~ Door Latches

Beautifully Simple!

Love the rustic look, looks so perfect with the door, with BTW I really want!

How cool is this one? Two tone with great lines.

Rocky Mountain Hardware advertises in many shelter magazines and for some time I have removed those ad pages for my files. Love the simplicity and care they put into the design. They offer much more than just door latches by the way.

03 August, 2009

Diggin' this lighting!




All from Ironware International. Love the gold finish. It seems fresh. We've been led to look down on gold finishes from the over use of polished brass but this gold is light and softer.

Also am enjoying the style of each of these. I see restraint and whimsy but not garish. And? Enjoy the names too! :)