20 June, 2009

~~ Antique Jewelry

Garnet Brooch in what is described as a Bohemian setting.

Love dragonflies! Garnets in a gold setting.

Different from both the garnet brooches above but I just thought this was so pretty, delicate and yet makes a nice statement if a quiet one.

All here at the Antique Jewelry Mall.

18 June, 2009

~~ Architectural Digest July 2009 #2

This bedroom is wonderful. Draperies and the bestest! Nice pattern that is large and the blue/gray color is soothing. The bench at the foot of the bed is very unique I love every aspect except the fabric. Since it's a somewhat focal point I would have used perhaps the same fabric as the drapes. Love the space though!

16 June, 2009

~~ Architectural Digest July 2009

There was so much GOOD in this issue but I thought I'd start with these two. Can you imagine waking up to that view every morning? Bed is of Lucite which I have to admit kinda freaks me out just because. The dining room is MADE with the 3 chandeliers, just love them. Can you imagine though serving a spaghetti dinner here with kids? :)

~~ Cake!

My son graduated high school and this is the cake from his Open House. Yummy!

08 June, 2009

~~ Lovely Texture

No real color but love the textures here. From the decorative window grate to the ruffled pillows to the subtle pattern in the ottoman with the neat and tight row of nail heads.

A larger view. The walls have the color as does the casual roman shade. Photos are by Carolyn Barber from Desire to Inspire.

04 June, 2009

~~ Such a Pretty Bedroom

Reminds me of a grandparent's bedroom for their guest and grandchildren!

02 June, 2009

~~ Canopy Beds

Red and white toile. Large dramatic print is very bold for this bedroom. What really helps is the white trim and scallop border on the top. The side/end panels have a nice crisp white border as well but you'll notice that the bedskirt does not. Perhaps to draw your eye up?

Regal blue. Appears to be a velvet. Very tailored and with the trim on the canopy I get the feel of a Federal style, crisp but luxurious. I love that the panels are split to show off the bed posts.

Very feminine and tailored almost like sleeping in a garden!

What is your favorite?