28 February, 2009

~~ Hickory White China Cabinets

Just had to add these two. So pretty. I enjoy the unusual stand that this cabinet perches on.

This china cabinet is graceful but so so so simple.

21 February, 2009

~~ Hickory White Furniture

This is wonderful! I love the detail with the glass. Proportions are very pleasing to me and I noticed the William and Mary influence.

A striking and solid piece. Not only do I admire it for the size and proportions but the beautifully distressed finish. I prefer distressed finishes especially for my busy household. No worries! I also like the staging of objects inside. Someone did a fantastic job!

19 February, 2009

~~ Bright and Lovely Entry

Yes, yes I could easily see myself in that home. The perfect wood floors - wide plank and perfect color variations. The bold but bright and classic wallpaper and not to mention the overall size of the area. Don't cha just love big entryways - ok not too big but this seems perfect to me. Then you have the french doors... ah.

14 February, 2009

~~ York Wallpaper

Here's a visual feast of wallpaper! Enjoy.

12 February, 2009

~~ So Pretty :)

From Architectural Digest - March 2009

There isn't much that I dislike about this interior shot. Drapes are basic and fabulous look like linen nicely lined. Wallpaper on far wall is perfect in scale and design. Furniture is right up there in my like list with the possible exception of the coffee table - not too crazy about it. Anyone else?

11 February, 2009

~~ Can you say powder blue?

Architectural Digest March 2009. Very very pretty and reserved. I like the crown molding that hides the drapery hardware. Travels around the room nicely. Fabric for the drapes is a powder blue and white in a paisley pattern. Very nice and acts like another texture in this 2 tone room.

Photo above and below same home, living room. Very nicely appointed and what stood out to me were the drapes and hardware. I love that the hardware travels around the room.

Not sure if this is a dining room or not. I'm guessing it is. I enjoy the unusual seating and love the area rug. Light fixture is very complementary to the furnishings and I do like it.

08 February, 2009

Architectural Digest March 2009 Issue. Moorish Oasis in Key West! Love this. The intricacies, detail and liberal use of color and pattern is so refreshing. Drapes are basic design, full and lush but it's the hardware that stands out. (Even though I have clients that have a difficult time paying more for the hardware than the drapes...)

Same issue, same home. I love the window treatment. I wanted to call this unusual but the style isn't it's the use of the style on this type of window. Fabric is shiny with a small dot pattern (more of a rectangle - spaced) trim at the bottom is lavish and perfect for the room.

Need to add that I would love to live in Key West!