27 July, 2008

~~ House Beautiful Images

Thank you House Beautiful for making your beautiful images available!

Don'tcha just want to sit....

We've all seen barn door wannabes but for some reason this one is very very appealing to me. I also enjoy the slate floor, pure white paint on the wood and black hardware.

Rustic Kitchen. Wow. I like - but for some reason the heavy black pendant lights and those great stools together well they steal the show a little too much.

This is adorable!


asianlive said...


Snoopy said...

Be still my heart!!!


driftwood shack said...

I like the barn door and the kitchen cupboards- very fresh looking

Cemaya said...

Aw, Snoopy. I knew you'd like these photos!

Thank you driftwood shack. I would love that exact same barn door in my home but for the life of me I can't figure out where'd I put it.