30 August, 2008

~~ House Beautiful Beige

Dining room by Abby Rizor and Hattie Wolfe - mother and daughter team. Love the window/french doors and the round table which echos the arch doors. I also like the beamed ceilings, very interesting! Gauzy curtains work for me as well. I have a problem with all the beige!

Living room in same home by the above designers. Home is in Florida. Would you have guessed? The only color is in the flowers which were probably staged for the photo session.

Beige, brown and a bit boring if you ask me. This home is in Florida like I mentioned above but there really is no indication of this anywhere. All of these images are from the current House Beautiful magazine. I adore this publication but lately I have noticed that brown and beige are prevalent in the pages of the past few issues.

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