19 February, 2009

~~ Bright and Lovely Entry

Yes, yes I could easily see myself in that home. The perfect wood floors - wide plank and perfect color variations. The bold but bright and classic wallpaper and not to mention the overall size of the area. Don't cha just love big entryways - ok not too big but this seems perfect to me. Then you have the french doors... ah.


Snoopy said...

I could do without the sunshine yellow. I do really love the wide plank flooring...my mom has that...it is lovely. The trimmed archway and french doors are beautiful!!!

Cemaya said...

Aw come on Snoopy! :) Come the dark side with the yellow wallpaper! Unless... unless that is a mural but somehow I doubt it.

Yan said...

I'd take it as a living room. I LOVE the floor.