10 May, 2009

~~ Meet Frank, Reagan (Big Red Dog) and our Backyard!

Frank, our shelter pup. Mostly hound with lab and something else.

Reagan (aka The Big Red Dog), also a shelter dog. He's an Irish Setter and neurotic as hell.

Now the Backyard. AKA The Backyard from Hell. Yes, hell. In 4 weeks we are hosting my son's high school graduation open house. For you non northerners it's a party. :) We have embarked on removing the Hell and hoping to establish our version of Heaven. You're thinking - Good Luck - aren't you? Yeah, well we're gonna need it.

Pavers, large rocks and crushed stone are going in to hopefully transform The Backyard from Hell into something not looking like hell.

Wish us luck because we are gonna need lots! Oh, you're wondering why I introduced you to our dogs? Well, we blame them for The Backyard from Hell.

1 comment:

Monkey said...

Good luck on the yard!

I love the trees and the wooded feel to your yard.