18 August, 2009

~~ Picture in Banner

You will notice the photo embedded in the banner at the top of my blog. Had a teenager do that, since I'm technology impaired. Yes, it's true but I'm ok with it since I've got teenagers to do that stuff for me!

Back to the photo... I love this treatment style, roman shade. Fabric is a very pretty iridescent pleated pumpkin color but not too orange. We chose it since it worked so well with the fabric on a sofa that was in the room. This is actually an office with two windows. The sofa has a floral pattern and is in front of the windows. The braided trim and tassel are a basic gold but really lend to the fabric and it's shimmer. Putting the simple valance over the trim not only topped it off nicely but made it a bit more important over all. This particular room has no real trim detailing and is relatively small.

We repeated this basic style for roman shades in two other rooms in the home. However, the valance detail and trim was modified a bit.

And? I just love the color!

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Windlost said...

Oh, very very pretty Cemaya!

xo Terri