02 October, 2009

~~ Thibaut Wallpaper

Look at this adorable bedroom. Very very traditional with lovely plaids in chocolate and blue and furniture. And notice the wallpaper. Traditional damask in that seafoamy blue and white. Perfect. Adds a bit of pizzaz without feeling stuffy. Drapes break at the floor perfectly and I love the hardware in the silvery tone. Thankfully the designer/stager did not try to match the hardware with the wood tones of the furniture.

More contemporary here. Love the butter yellow OMG how comforting and the soft white drapes that gently connect with the floor.

Solar Disk is the pattern name and not only is the pattern dynamic but the color. The color is perfect! Notice the ivory/cream drapes in a soft silk with a beautiful trim on the leading edges. Also notice the nail heads on the table and chair.