04 March, 2008

~~ Chairs by RJones

So pretty and I have a love for buttons in upholstery.

Elegant and again another button!

Even better, 3 buttons!

For a wingback chair this is very nice. Not a huge fan of wingback chairs but I do like this one.

I stumbled across this from a publication I received today in the mail. In Residence from The Merchandise Mart in Chicago. This particular collection of custom upholstered furniture can be found at Michael-Cleary, LLC, Suite 1822. Check out their website -- RJones


joshua said...

I've got to say, because it's plain truth!, that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet!



Cemaya said...

Why thank you! :)

Terri said...

Very bold and interesting chairs!

Cote de Texas said...

Thanks for the comment - girl, your blog is adorable!!!!!

Patricia Gray said...

Great Chairs!