22 May, 2008

~~ Ralph Lauren

Don't cha just love Ralph Lauren? I mean the man and his company are always on top of things. Luxurious, mysterious, devil may care attitude, sophisticated yet very livable.

Books on table. Lotsa books on the table and not organized which makes it livable.

Layered rugs, I love this look and all the rich colors. Orange, black, gold and enough pattern to keep it from being boring but not look busy or fussy.

Beautiful chest and I love the fabric on these chairs.


Totally not my style but I have to admire it for what it is! And wish it were my style :)


Cote de Texas said...

Hi - Ralph's the best - ever!

Thanks for the comment - listen - I'm not sure our tree man is right! Don't change your landscaping on my behalf - ask your man first!!! I'd hate to be the cause of misinformation. oy!


Cemaya said...

Don't worry. I'll see if our tree starts to wither first! :)