02 May, 2008

~~ Coral from Williams Sonoma Home

Welp. I like the color coral so when browsing through the May 2008 Williams Sonoma Home catalog that arrived this morning I focused on anything in it with the color coral.

Pretty Bedding. Done in stripes you just can't go wrong. Stripes are a favorite of mine.

Pretty Rug and Wallpaper and Towels. I think that all bathrooms should be one color paired with white, very clean and in such a busy place it looks calm.

Pretty Bedding. Bold stripe! I also like the night stand.

Pretty Coral Prints. Ok, I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of coral prints on anything (kinda like the zebra pattern - just not into it) however, I do like these prints because they are framed appropriately in my opinion.

Pretty Ginger Jars. Well, they just are pretty! :)


Cote de Texas said...

ongosh - so beautiful!!!!

thanks for the comment. I just hate the way all those mirrors look together!!! hate it!!! I would have put the in a diff order. I'm really shocked she did that oh well - you must differ. hahah!! thanks for the comment.

Cemaya said...

:) To me it makes the room less boring because if it weren't for the mirrors I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it.

Thank you for the comment!!