02 September, 2008

~~ Traditional Home

This is a relatively small kitchen featured in Traditional Home magazine. What I like is the symmetry (and I usually don't care for that but...). I like the mix of materials. Love what looks like frosted glass top cabinets in the middle and the dark and light woods of the remaining cabinets. I also applaude that they did not attempt to match the floor.

I complained about boring beige in my last post and yes this is bordering on boring but!!! The fabric for the drapes and roman shades is wonderful! I also like the balance of the very large pattern in the fabric with the framed artword over the bed. Tiny images encased in generous matting and frames.

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! When can I move in?

Kitchen from the above home. Relaxed with a lot of very traditional touches. Marble, painted cabinets many with glass fronts. Gray subway tile that sooths the stainless fridge. Very very nice.


Snoopy said...

Email me the last pic...I love those colors...lurrrvvvv!!!!

Cemaya said...

Nifty ain't it? :)