25 January, 2009

~~ 4 Bedrooms

Rustic meets boudoir! The pair of tufted, roll back slipper chairs are over the top but stay subdued with the neutral fabric. The headboard is an antique door (that's some door!). Very simple overall.

Just so pretty! Light touches of pink with a dash or blue and plenty of white and what looks to be gray walls.

Light, bright and airy! Very little color but plenty of texture with the carpet, beamed ceiling, walls with the vertical boards and the fabric on the bed headboard and foot board. A touch of elegance is in the framed pieces over the bed. Looks to be mirror.

Simple and almost structured! Overall white with a very light pink and chocolate. I love the combination of the pink and white paisley with the chocolate banding on the bedding very clean and up-to-date.

Which is your favorite?


Patricia Gray said...

I like the last bedroom. There is something so dreamy about draperies around the bed. I also like the simplicity of this room. I can't sleep in a room with too much going on.

Cemaya said...

I'd like the drapes around the bed frame better if they weren't tabbed topped. For some reason that looks to Key West and store bought.

I agree simple bedrooms are the most restful!