22 April, 2009

~~ Alessandra Branca!

Pretty in cream and red!

Ok people, look at this gorgeous room and when you're done taking it all in take a closer look at the window treatments. Same room same fabrics but done in two different styles. Simple cream fabric with just the right touch of red trim. The window to the left is done in what I would call an 'Italian Stringing' method. Notice how the sides are gathered back but there is not visible hardware holding them back. A string is threaded through the fabric then pulled tight to gather the sides back.

The window on the right is simply fantastic! Look at how casual and almost carefree those swags are. The sides are jabot style versus a cascade and are just as carefree as the swags. Fabric is nice and full and properly lined to not just make a statement (however minor in the room) but to compliment. The scale and proportions are perfect from what I can see. Also love the woven wood shades underneath - so classic.

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