30 April, 2009

~~ Dreamy Bedrooms

Designed by Darrell Schmitt this bedroom is very casually elegant. Casualness comes from the bed curtains not a true tab top but more like a night gown tie connecting them to the bed frame. Fabrics also lean towards a casual feel. However, the other elements in the room we see appear more elegant and formal - bedside table, mirror which most likely is over a dresser that matches the bedside table. Also I like the use of a table instead of a night stand. Typical night stands are too small in my opinion to hold all I that like by my bed. And the walls - could be wallpaper, decorative painting or a Venetian plaster. Whichever one it's very seductive!

Designed by Kathryn Waltzer. Light and airy and just a bit over the top. Look how the bed curtains flow and drape onto the floor. Lots of sheers is the only way to get this right and Ms. Waltzer did it right! Also notice the drapes at the window, great color - love the spring green in a very neutral cream room and love that she also draped the floor with them. If she had made the drapes any other way it just wouldn't have worked.

Which do you like/love?


Snoopy said...

The second bedroom...love the bench at the foot of the bed...the minimal bed and the green...

Cemaya said...

Isn't the green lovely? I like the second one too. That delicate desk and tiny foot stool are catching my eye as well!