18 January, 2008

~~ The Introduction !

Welcome to my first post or blog or entry.... I get a bit confused with the terminology so bear with me during my green days. My name is Narda and my business is called Cemaya Windows & Interiors. Once I realized that my love of interiors and interior design developed early on by rearranging my bedroom at age 9 or so; at age 40 I learned to accept it and create a business that made me happy. The main focus of Cemaya Windows & Interiors is windows. I love designing window treatments that are perfect for my clients, their homes and their needs.

The intent of this is to release all my creative energies by showing beautiful photos of interiors and other items that inspire or make me say ahhhh.

So for my first photo I give you a beautiful bedroom. I particularly love the drapes (duh! like that's a surprise) but I also like the horizontal mirror with the ornate frame. The bedding looks very comfortable and whey I say comfortable I mean you would be comfortable sitting on it and not worrying. Quite elegant!


coco+kelley said...

love love love the horizontal mirror. i've been looking for something similar myself! welcome to the blogging world :)

Cemaya said...

Thank You!! BTW I have your blog coco+kelly bookmarked and visit every day!

Things That Inspire said...

Welcome to the blog world! I look forward to reading more from you.

perfect bound said...

Welcome and thanks for your comment! I bet you've already picked out the most stylish toaster oven. (If you did, tell me what it was!) Bravo to you for starting your own design business. I can't wait for more.