21 January, 2008

~~Lovely Bedroom 2

Forgive me for not knowing where I found this photo. From now on I will log where I locate photos to give proper credit.

I really like this room. The framed artwork above the bed is marvelous. I really like how the three pieces balance and encompasses not only the bed but the nightstands. It is very neutral and I would probably spice it up a bit by adding a bit of color on the bed and drapes. The drapes also go up to the ceiling which gives the illusion of height in what looks like a typical 8' ceiling. I wish there were other photos of the room I would love to see the opposite wall.


Patricia Gray said...

Welcome to the Blogging World!!
thanks for listing my Blog as on of your "Lovely Blog Sites"
Happy Blogging

Cemaya said...

Thank you for the welcome! I am in awe of your work and visit your site regularly.