23 January, 2008

~~ Specialist WfCP

I forgot!

Last week I was notified that I am now officially a Specialist within the Window Fashions Certified Professional Program :) Yeah Me!

Completing the required credits and the exam were pretty easy in a sense. However.... completing the assigned project for this level was difficult. I can and did solve the problems for the make believe homeowner and her windows in the family room. Taking care of sun glare when watching television. Following her desires, her being Mrs. Hanson, for something transitional etc. I can pick colors, fabrics, furniture and furnishings and play with drawings all day long yet when it comes right down to it I always look for and get client feedback. There was absolutely no actual client feedback. I was paralyzed for a while trying to make a final decision. That final decision to be put down on display boards.

I hemmed and hawed - second guessed myself until I just had to put the damn thing away for a while. Finally I mustered up the guts to finalize it and mail it out. What a relief. Gone and Done.

Thankfully all my long hours of worry and self-pestering paid off and I was informed that I passed! Now, onto the Master Level..... *sigh*


Patricia Gray said...

Congratulations...Well done!!!
good for you.

Cemaya said...

Thank you! :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Congratulations!!! You'll no doubt be a fan of Jackie Blue Home then :-) she is the queen of window dressing :-)

Cemaya said...

I attended one of her workshops last year in DC. What a great speaker! We literally ran out of time and were unable to cover all she wanted to say.