18 February, 2008

~~ Lust Over Wallpaper (a continuation)

The following images are all from Candice Olson Wallpapers. I enjoy her program on HGTV (one of the few that I do like) due to the realistic view she offers when it comes to interior design. She also impresses me in how she completely re-works the spaces.

I also have to admit to my dislike of wallpaper borders. They tend to be too themey and outdated. Anyone else have this phobia? :)

Vertical Tree - Aside from the wallpaper color and pattern this room is very cool!

Velvet Leaf Trail - So elegant and I love the lower panel look in the wainscoting.

Iron Work - Cool and simple.

Traditional Damask - Talk about elegant, holy cow!

Leather Square - For you zebra pattern lovers :)


M&Co said...

Oh I so love the pictures you're showing! And I love the wallpapers!! The last picture is my favourite!!

Cemaya said...

Thank you! Wallpaper has such a rotten reputation I want to start a new revolution to put it off peoples black list. :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

that damask number is lovely - actually the whole room put together is lovely :-)!!

Great post :-)

Patricia Gray said...

They are all so beautiful and add a dimension to these rooms.

Cemaya said...

I've noticed that Candice Olson's designed are not frou-frou she is more sleek in what she does and because of that I think her wallpaper designs reflect a 'newer' look.

Most people when thinking about wallpaper think old-fashion and their grandmothers house.

Corianne said...

That damask papered dining room- wowza. I wonder if Tim would go for that? It's just gorgeous.