01 February, 2008

~~ Pendant Lighting

Perusing Lamps Plus I wandered into the Pendant Lighting section and found these!

Cabana Joe Bamboo -
I'm still a fan of the retro and have lots of 50s-60s furniture.

Parisian Crystal -
I'm envisioning a soft elegant light coming from this fixture.

Urban Weave -
I just liked the pattern and the finish of this pendant.

Tahoe Mission -
I like the unusual way this is held up and the way the dome is shaped.


jblampsplus said...

Hi! I'm glad you found products on our site that you found interesting.

LampsPlus.com also has a blog... http://blog.lampsplus.com/

In it we talk about new products and post tips. Check it out; you might find something interesting to post about.

Thanks again for visiting oour site!

Cemaya said...

Thank you for commenting!

Patricia Gray said...

The Parisan Crystal is very beautiful.

Corianne said...

Love the new blog! It's like design sponge without the precociousness.


Cemaya said...

Patricia, isn't the Parisian pretty though. I would love to use it some where....

Corianne, thank you! :)