11 February, 2008

~~ My Lust Over Wallpaper

Have I mentioned that I lust over wallpaper? Second only to fabric and trim. I enjoy the unexpected colors some of the wallpapers have. Fresh, fun, a bit over the top but still within the comfort level to live with. What do you think?

Candice Olson - Woodblock Damask

Aviva Stanoff - Organic Lace

Ronald Redding - Damask

Ronald Redding - Medallion Spot

Ronald Redding - Tapestry Jacobean

Candice Olson - Dotted Paisley


Corianne said...

i could definitely live with wallpaper if it looked like that!

Patricia Gray said...

I like how Candice Olson has used the wallpaper as framed panels.

Cemaya said...

Patricia, I too think that using wallpaper in panels is such a great idea. Less expensive and easily changed!

Corianne, I knew I could find wallpaper that you 'might' like! :)