22 April, 2008

~~ Artwork - Yes, More!

I'm not a fan of pink however this pink paired with a milk chocolate taupey color appeals to me. That and the wonderful lines of the dress. I also love the hair, rushed! Artwork by Ashley David

Such pretty movement in this artwork. Artwork by Jennifer Wiley

And whereas I am not a die hard fan of Marilyn I do love this photo of her. Natural seemingly un posed and I love the window she is leaning out of. Photo by Sam Shaw

I was getting my hair done (color, you know to cover those gray hairs that seem to think they are necessary) and talking with Mark, my fabulous hair stylist. You see a few years back when he moved his salon to a new location I managed a Deck The Walls custom framing store and helped him with artwork for his walls. Mark has incredible taste and the images he picked out reflect that and to this day he still gets comments on the artwork.... anyway. We were talking about that and I was inspired to visit artwork.com again :)

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Pikiteniang Swefil said...

I just want to leave my footprints!

TY for the tips of the bedroom. My 23 yr old son will love his room soon.

Pls visit my swedish blog too that i started to translate in english.

Have a nice day!