30 April, 2008

~~ Seaside

In the April issue of Architectural Digest there is a spread on a newly built vacation home in Seaside. I have to admit to skimming through it quickly and not being particularly interested at the first skim. The cover of this issue of AD featured a porch of this home and where it was nice I didn't see anything of great interest either.

THEN.... I took a closer look.

This the entry with a view into a guest room. I fell in love with the painted horizontal paneling and painted woodwork. I love painted wood.

This is the master bedroom. Again all painted paneling on the walls and ceilings and the lovely drapes to soften.

One of three porches, this is off the master bedroom at the very top of this 3 story structure. It looks so precariously balanced on the Ionic column... But the view!

One of the daughters bedrooms. I adore the built in bed and all the painted wood paneling and attention to the trim.

This photo was small and at first I didn't really notice how great this room is. Look at the ceiling and the lovely built in shelving.... oh my.

This kitchen is so relaxed and perfect for a vacation home. To say that I am green with envy is an understatement!

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Snoopy said...

I want to live in this house.