28 March, 2009

~~ Prom Dresses (Flirt)

My son's girlfriend has been wanting the above dress for prom so we went looking for it today. No luck, apparently it is quite popular and no one has it. Except for one store in Michigan.

This one is very sparkly! I actually like it and I'm not into that much sparkle!

She tried on this dress and it was very lovely. The full skirt with the fitted bodice and all the intricate stones (you can't really see them but they are there) were in an almost lavender color. Next to the black and green it was very very pretty!

I have to say the prom dresses are much more sophisticated these days then when I was a teenager! I love the full skirts with all the tulle so romantic!

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DesignTies said...

They're all beautiful dresses. I wouldn't be able to pick just one!!

Kelly @ DesignTies