03 July, 2009

~~ James Michael Howard - Bedrooms

Soft and pretty. Just adore the chair and the fact it's in it's very own special fabric, not gray or the light blue. Notice the use of soft pastel colors with the exception in this room of the pillows on the bed and the throw. Drapes and beautifully graceful and are a bit more traditional in style which differs from the much more modern looking bed.

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DesignTies said...

Lovely bedrooms -- very soft & serene & pretty :-) But I agree, I think the chairs and sofas in the last two are a bit excessive. Personally, I use the bedroom for sleeping, not sitting!! But overall, very beautiful rooms :-)

The artwork on my living room wall are pictures that I took on our trip to Belgium. I just printed them out on regular paper, and they came out looking a bit like black & white photos.