01 July, 2009

~~ James Michael Howard - Bedrooms

James Michael Howard creates very elegant, restrained and calming bedrooms. I will be featuring more bedrooms by him in the next few days but I wanted to start with these two. JMH uses a very calm and subdued color palate and typically only 2 colors.

Feminine palate and very pretty. Soft and calm nothing jarring or out of place. Love the floors and wall color, the bed is fantastic as well. I question the need for all the chairs and sofa at the end of the bed but I suppose if you are like me any chair or bench fills up with either clothing or pillows.

Now the photo above - I have to ask, why the need for all the seating? Or maybe I don't want to know? Love the styling especially the rows of framed art, it's just... nice. I like nice. I enjoy the colors and fabric choices I am having a hard time though with the sofa. Doesn't it look a bit large for the room? I mean shouldn't the bed be the focal point? Also love the bed against the wall of windows, wish more people would feel the need to do this.

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Snoopy said...

I want the room in the top picture. Please!