09 July, 2009

~~ I know, I know but... JMH yet again!

So soft and pretty not to mention incredibly restful. Love the little chair with the intricate back with the small writing desk/nightstand.

Quite Colonial in style. Very homey and comfortable. Not sure about the nightstands... different yes but they feel too small next to the bed and in a room with such high ceilings. Lamps are cool and the rug looks wonderfully well worn. And of course I love the window treatments, perfect for the room in proportion and style. Perfect!

OMG can we say turquoise? What a bold statement for one color. And? What makes the room grounded? The pieces on the wall above the headboard. They act as a stabilizer, I have no idea what they are but enjoy them for their role in the room. Also? Love love the bold, bold fabric on the chair and decorative pillows on the bed. Perfect!!!

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Yan said...

When I win the lottery and own an island somewhere, will you recreate this for me? With a different headboard? I'd add an ottoman for the chair, too.