29 July, 2009

~~ Little Gem!

This is a tiny guest bathroom, to the right is the tile for the shower, lovely tile so rustic looking and with a pearlized finish. The walls are newly wallpapered in a commercial grade vinyl with a subtle texture and finish. The window treatment: A small swag held up by tab posts. Fabric used is a woven texture. When you look at it up close you see all the shades and colors, very pretty but not delicate. Love the trim by Stout Trimmings, lovely bead work with the tape showing due to it's beautiful pattern.

The design for this treatment is asymmetrical. Something I don't often get to do when it comes to window treatments. So this was a treat for me. Due to window placement we felt confident of using this style. Notice that one of the tab posts is on the window trim and the other is on the wall.

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Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Thanks for coming by, you are so right...I don't understand this picking art to match something in the space. Don't be a stranger now.